My qualifications make me an accountant and a lawyer , my passion turned me into a designer .
After realizing that the two degrees I had gotten did nothing to satisfy my soul I realized the thing that made me feel most alive and relevant was designing . So that’s how the Talha Batla you know today came into being .

It is a presumption that belonging to a renowned textile manufacturing family, that the design aspect of my profession was a given. However it took a tremendous amount of discipline, training, hard work and dedication to tune talent into skill. A skill that can translate into the clothes I create. The training was my own initiative; I learned from the skilled kaarigar, the very men who are the heart of the elite community of bridal designers.

As I continue learning and creating , I thank everyone who’s been a part of my journey and who will be a part of my journey along the way .

Here’s to manifesting my creativity into beautiful ensembles and being the reason behind thousands of smiling faces one day.

With love ,
Talha Batla